Ain Shams University (represented by ASUGARDS)

Ain shams University is represented in organizing the conference through ASUGARDS (Group for Advanced Research in Dynamic Systems at Ain Shams University).

The research group, founders of GARDS, consists of a team of researchers in the Faculty of Engineering targeting different disciplines in research in mechanical dynamic systems. This includes the fields of smart materials and structures, dynamics, acoustics applications, eLabs, metamaterials, virtual reality, mechatronics and modeling of nanostructures and nonmaterial.

The activities among ASU-GARDS are divided into three main domains: education, research and professional consultancy in the field of Sound and Vibration.

ASUGARDS is currently functioning through two facilities:

  1. ASU Sound and Vibration Laboratory, established in 2005 to offer World-Class Education, Research, and Consultancy in the field of Sound and Vibration.
  2. Virtual Reality Laboratory, established in 2009 to implement Virtual Reality Technology in Education and serve the Industry and Community.


  • 28+ Funded Projects
  • 2000+ Undergraduate students
  • 200+ Engineers in Short Courses
  • 100+ Students in Graduation Projects
  • 5x MSc and 1 PhD Theses
  • 30+ Publications in International Journals/Conferences