09.00 - 10.00 Registration

Opening Session (8 minutes each).

iconTamer Elnady

Ain Shams University.

Towards a Smart Learning Society in Egypt, How different Erasmus+ Projects complete the Road.Download
iconYasser Kazem

Ministry of Communications and Information Technology.

MCIT Role in Creating Smart Learn Environment.Download
iconYasser Elshayeb

Erasmus+ Coordinator in Egypt.

Contribution of EU Projects to the ICT, Energy and TVET Education in Egypt.Download
iconAhmed El Shenawy

Arab Academy for Science and Technology.

Smart Control Systems for Energy Management (SEM-SEM).Download
iconEmad Khalil

Alexandria University.

Without Getting Wet.Download
iconHany Madkour

Aswan University.

Digital Life Long Learning (LLL).Download
iconDina Kamal Shahayeb

Nile University.

Human aspects in Architecture Education, Project IMPAQT.Download
iconMohamed Fahmy

Arab Academy for Science and Technology.

Progression of Accessibility Centres in higher Education for Students with disabilities in North Africa (PACES).Download
iconAmr Elbanhawy

Ain Shams University.

Human capital development for Egypt’s Wind Power Sector – Project WESET.Download
iconMohamed EL Zayat

Egyptian E-Learning University.

Virtual Reality Campuses: Best Practices & Lessons Learned.Download
iconSally Metwally

ITWORX Education.

Fostering Students Engagement in Learning- EduBuddy.Download
iconMaged Ghoneima

Ain Shams University.

Enhancing Employability through Enterprise Education.Download
iconHesham Allam

12.00 - 13.00 Coffee Break

Session 1, Energy Learning(15 minutes each), Chairman: Amr Elbanhawy.
iconMarios Theristis

University of Cyprus.

Current status and future perspectives of photovoltaics.Download
iconHamdy Ashour

Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport.

Automated Energy Management System.Download
iconAkram Mahmoud


Factory energy consumption management.Download
iconRadwan Abdelhamid

Helwan University

Exchanging the Experience of RE EU-Funded Projects.
iconCarlos Silva

Instituto Superior Technico.

Intelligent Energy Manager.Download
iconAly Batran

Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport.

Renewable energy technologies and outlook.Download
iconAhmed Farouk.

Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport

Energy saving in air conditioning and refrigeration systems.Download
iconAly Khazma.

Regional centre for renewable energy and energy efficiency (RCREEE).

Environmental aspects in Renewable Energy Generation.Download
iconFrancisco Álvarez.

University of Oviedo.

Energy optimization for capacitive deionization of water (CDI).Download
iconAlberto MartínPernía.

University of Oviedo.

Electromagnetic Compatibility for the "Electrical Energy Conversion and Power Systems International Master Degree".Download
iconJuan Diaz Gonzalez.

University of Oviedo.

Teaching experiences in the Erasmus Mundus in mechatronic engineering (EU4M)".Download

Session 2, TVET Learning (15 minutes each), Chairman: Mohamed Fahmy
iconVasileios Zotakis


Vocational Training & Certification in technical professions. Download
iconAleya Serageldin

Ghabbour Foundation for Development.

A new approach to vocational education. Download
iconMohamed Amr

Nile University: BEMT.

An Innovative Approach into Youth Integration of Competitive Based Economic System. Download
iconIsmail Tageldeen

Nile University.

Design House: A True Manifestation of Triple-Helix Model. Download
iconHaytham Yaseen

Nile University.

A Qualification Based Simultaneous Engineering and Vocational Development; A German Model. Download
iconMohamed Mahmoud

Aswan University.

ICT in TVET.Download
iconHany Madkour

Aswan University

New Trends in TVET. Download
iconAhmed Shoeir

Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport.

Role of Arab Academy to Support Technical and vocational Institute. Download
iconJailan Gamal El Din

Team Academy.

UK Vocational Qualifications and Apprenticeship system– Applied Learning best practice in Egypt. Download

Session 3, ICT in Learning (10 minutes each), (10 minutes each) Chairman: Adel Elsabbagh
iconMatthew Wright

The University of Newcastle.

A Toxicological focus for a final year Molecular and Cellular Biology Reading Party. Download
iconSahar El-Gowilly

Alexandria University.

Implementation of medication error and patient safety professional certificate. Download
iconIrina MASLO

University of Latvia.

To the comprehension of the smartness: smart pedagogy and smart human learning model.Download
iconJanet Mifsud

Anna McElhatton, Mark Zammit, AnneMarie Dimech, University of Malta.

of Malta: Understanding and applying ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) in practice. Download
iconAlexander Campbell

University of Newcastle.

The ITCT Project - the external perspective on development and quality assurance - there's so much to learn!Download
iconMahmoud Allam and Nihal El-Sabbagh,

Nile University

The influence of ICT on Architecture Education. Download
iconFekry Hassan

French University in Egypt.

From Virtual Tours to Integrated, Interpretive, Interactive, Integrated Digital Technologies in Guided Museum Tours. Download
iconHany Atallah


Technology in STEM education in Egypt, challenges and opportunities.Download
iconAhmed Elbokl

Ain Shams University: Ain Shams Virtual Hospital.

Can Tele-Education work in Medicine? Download
iconMohamed EL Naggar

Egyptian E-Learning University.

E-Mind Maps as an Innovative Educational Tool. Download
iconRita Birzina and Tamara Pigozne

University of Latvia.

Getting a smart teacher and student of usage technologies in STEM education. Download
iconMohamed Seif

Ministry of Health.

Clinical toxicology Students perspectives. Download
iconFatma Kamal and Yehia Abdelmonsef

Alexandria University.

STEM Diploma Piloting, ICT Lessons Learned. Download
15.30 - 16.00 Closing Session and Panel Discussion

16:00 - 17:00 Lunch